3 Ways to Pull Off Glitter Makeup

We’re all about beauty hacks here at Brit + Co, and that includes anything that will take our go-to makeup look to another level without too many steps involved. That being said, we found an unexpected multipurpose ally in one of our fave childhood beauty supplies. Not only does this glam product kick our style up a notch, but it can be used in myriad ways. That’s right - it’s time to channel your inner unicorn and ditch what you think you know about glitter makeup. Trust us, if you try these three beauty moves, you will be able to sport glitter in a whole new way! The trick to making glitter wearable for all levels of beauty babes is to keep the grade really fine and grab a silver hue that will act as a really pretty highlight vs. the larger, more reflective grade that can look youthful or costume-ready.

Celestial Cheeks

 Tap a primer or liquid highlighter over your cheekbones and then gently layer your silver glitter on top. To gradually blend into the rest of your skin, take a clean brush and gently sweep the outside areas of your glitter.

Luminous Lips

For your base, apply a lightly pigmented pink lip gloss and then add some silver glitter over the top with your finger. The trick to keeping this out of the OTT zone is to place glitter in the center of your upper and lower lips and avoid the outer corners - this will allow the light to hit just right without being overly reflective.

 Iridescent Eyes

For your eyes, you can apply a neutral brown into the crease of your lids and pair with a light shimmer cream shadow to prep your brow bones. Add an eyeshadow primer and then gently tap the glitter onto your peepers. Keep the application minimal so the final look is super subtle. If you don’t have an eyeshadow primer, you can use a liquid highlighter on your eyes instead.

If you’re feeling a little more daring, test all of these looks out for a night on the town, but if you can’t quite bring yourself to commit, feel free to rock one of these looks solo.

Art Direction, Hair, Makeup, Styling + Costume Design: Misty Spinney

Photography: Kurt Andre

Models: Angelica Paranjpe, Ashley Fischer and Paige Sager

by:Misty Spinney


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